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Update on My Next Step

The process is hard.

I thought I would have considerable power over the process, but I was wrong. I have never felt so powerless in my life. I don’t even fully have a say in whom I want to marry.

I am starting to think that I might have made a mistake.

I’m constantly stressed out and worried. Being stressed and worried in any situation does not help anyone- but it’s a big part of living.

Sometimes I feel like this whole thing is too much of a hassle- maybe i’m better off by myself.

I do not know what to do or what will happen.

I’m still optimistic. I am confident that things will work out.

Only time will tell.


My Next Step

Recently, I have decided to move to the next phase of my life- getting married.

In my part of the world, people tend to assume that something is wrong with a person if they are unmarried. You know? Something along the lines of said person being cursed or mentally unstable.

Since I haven’t met “the one” in the past twenty five years of my life, I have decided to take my search online.

I have been doing this for less than a week and it feels very strange. The only plus side I can see is that, when someone sends you a request, you don’t have to sit and wonder about their possible intentions (’cause this isn’t Facebook).

I still have not gotten the hang of it yet. Every time I get a request, I’ll be like- “Should I accept? What if they feel bad if I don’t accept?” And then I have to remind myself that this isn’t Facebook and these are not “friend requests”; I don’t need to accept every request that I get, just to spare someone’s feelings.


After nearly a week, I still haven’t found “the one”, and it’s mostly because I am terrified of choosing the wrong person. But that is to be expected. These things take time.

I haven’t really felt any sort of connection with anyone. At least not one that will last a life time. There’s still time. I’m in no hurry to get married.

The best way to do this is to take your time and keep a level head.

Wish me luck!

Intelligence Vs Wisdom

Intelligence and Wisdom are not the same.

Consider the following two scenarios.

A highly intelligent individual gives his philosophical views on “death”, as an inevitable phenomenon, at a symposium. Everyone applauds him/her on his/her presentation.

Now consider this same individual, putting forward the same views about death, at a funeral. This is not only awkward, but also insensitive and inappropriate.

Intelligence and knowledge, do not guarantee common sense and good judgement.

Wisdom is the deciding factor between being an embarrassment and being revered, and it is a fast disappearing natural resource.

Wisdom is influenced by a lot of factors; some of which are age, maturity, and life experiences.

“With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.” – Oscar Wilde

This quote is self explanatory. It should be considered that younger people (even teenagers) can be wiser than their elders. This is where maturity and life experience come in.

Maturity works, pretty much, in the same way as wisdom. An increase in age does not guarantee a proportional increase in maturity. Recent events in my life have proven this point to me, on a virtually daily basis.

Like wisdom, maturity is also influenced by life experiences.

As the saying goes: Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.

Discussions with intellectuals, elders, and other experienced people can help develop ones maturity and knowledge. Being open minded also helps one mature mentally and emotionally.

Life experiences have a huge impact on ones personality and opinions. A huge determinant in how the life experience affects a person, is whether or not one chooses to be positive and learn from the experience, or wallow in negativity and self pity.


All these factors combined, help mould one into a wise person.

Wisdom is a treasure more valuable than any else in the world. Unfortunately, it is least sought out in our world.


I like food…..a lot…. I like experimenting with food too…..

Last week I thought I’d make a twist in the Meatball recipe… make it all cheesy and all..

I don’t know if this recipe already exists, but this is my take on it.

What I used:

-Some Mozzarella cheese

-Some minced meat





-Maida (all purpose flour).

You can  use these ingredients in whatever proportions you want.

How I did it:

-I mixed some cheese and finely chopped onions to make the centre.

-I then seasoned the minced meat with salt and pepper.

-I beat an egg and mixed in some maida.

-I made a ball of cheese and onions and then covered the cheese ball in a layer of minced meat.

-I then dipped the ball in the egg and maida mixture ( just to give it a thin coat)

-After that, I deep fried the ball.

I still have to tinker with this recipe to come up with exact proportions and heat, but once I do I will have made the perfect meatball 😀 with a yummy cheesy centre.

Next I plan to experiment with some cake recipes. Lets see what happens….


P.S.: If you want, you can try out his recipe and let me know how it turned out for you. 🙂

Watching movies is fun; but not always.

Some movies transport you to another world full of dreams, magic and mystery.

Some other movies transport you to the nearest dump.

Sifting through the pile of movies and separating the gold from the turds can be quite testing and IMDB ratings do not always help. I have seen my fair share of screen turds and, let me tell you, it can get quite nasty.

And that’s where YouTube comes to the rescue.

There are a number of YouTubers who have made it their life’s mission to help you, my fellow movie enthusiasts, to sift through the ocean of ‘screen turds’ and find the gold. I’ve found these YouTubers to be very entertaining and many times I find that I can rely on them to never lead me astray.

Below is the list of YouTubers whom I have come to admire. If you like them just as much as I do, please do subscribe to their channels and support them. If you know any more YouTubers that review movies and you think that I would like them, please do comment on this post and let me know.

FYI- This list is in the order found in my subscription list i.e. alphabetically.

  1. Bobby Burns–
  2. Chris Stuckmann–
  3. CinemaSins–
  4. FanboyFlicks’ “Bad Movies”–
  5. Kanan Gill’s “Pretentious Movie Reviews”– (For Bollywood Movies)
  6. Screen Junkies’ “Honest Trailers”–

I hope you enjoy these guys as much as I do.

Look forward to more of my rambles 🙂


Yesterday I uploaded a post about YouTube and Movie Reviews.

Today will be another YouTube related post.

If you think YouTube is all about movie reviews and cat videos, you are wrong…

There are some YouTubers that go beyond the movie and cat enthusiasts, and create content that can educate and inform. The content ranges from little titbits of information to detailed dissemination of valuable information. There is content that can educate you about the goings on about you and keep you on your toes. And all of this is presented in the most entertaining way.

Now… I am not talking about the “how to” videos… I mean, sure they are helpful… I’m not saying they aren’t.

I am talking about YouTubers like:

  1. Matthew Santoro: who, with his “knowledge whale”, tries to keep his audience informed with bits of information that may seem irrelevant, but make you realise that you are wrong about somethings and how unaware you are about certain other things around you.

    He has various series on his channel, like- 50 Amazing Facts, Top 10, Myths You Still Believe, Facts in 5, and various other videos. His “Top 10” and “50 Amazing Facts” series are his longest running series. The others are fairly recent. He has collaborated with a few other YouTubers on some his videos.

    Do check out his channel and subscribe. Trust me… he’s fun 😀

  2. Rob Dyke: who has a number of series on his channel that will send chill down your spine. In his series, Rob talks about weird and strange stuff that has happened over the years as well as strange stuff that still happens. He talks about serial killers, mysterious disappearances, strange occurrences, etc.

    Rob also has a series on which he talks about the various ridiculous posts that are uploaded by people on different social media platforms. (Rob if you see this post please excuse any and all errors :P)

    His series are- Seriously Strange, Seriously Strange: SERIAL KILLER FILES, Seriously Strange: TWISTED TENS, Social Autopsy, What in The World News, and Why Would You Put That on the Internet?

    Check out his channel here and do subscribe.

  3. Screen Junkies– These guys have various series on their channel. I have mentioned them in my previous post. Apart from movie reviews, they also have discussions about the viability of certain movies and occasionally have discussions about new movies that are about to hit the big screen.
    So if this is something you think you might enjoy, do check out their channel here and show them some love.
  4. Top 5 Unknowns– These guys give you information about certain topics in the manner of a ‘top 5’ countdown. They talk about scary stuff, accidents, conspiracies and a lot of other things. They also have a few series dedicated to spooky happenings.

    Do check them here and if you like them, be sure to subscribe.

  5. Fine Brothers Entertainment– Benny and Rafi, or, “The Fine Brothers” is a duo that have not only various series to their credit, but also various channels. They post sketches and various other content. They are well known for their “React” series and channel, where they get people from various demographics to react to viral videos, video games, commercials, song lyrics, food, you name it.

    Along with the reactions you get information about the subject they reacting to.

    Check them out here and here to subscribe.

  6.– This is a channel that brings you a top 10 countdown list of a variety of subjects like video game characters, anime characters, music, events, animals, etc.

    Check them out here and subscribe if you like them.

  7. This Exists– “Anything can happen in a world so seriously strange”- Rob Dyke.
    Well, it’s true. This channel brings to you all the weird stuff in music, video games, TV, and more.

    You think you’ve seen everything strange in this world that there is to see? Check out this channel here and find out for sure.

There are many more YouTubers out there who upload informative content (again, I am not talking about the ‘how to’ videos) for you to enjoy. If you know of any more YouTubers like the ones I have mentioned, please comment below and let me know.

Look forward to more of my rambles 🙂


P.S.- The list is in no particular order… embrace the chaos 😛

I have been watching this show for a while now… I don’t know why I watch it.. I hate it… I guess there is some lingering hope within me.. a hope that the show will get better.. but it doesn’t..

Some points in the show are interesting.. I think the writer and producers have done something interesting by making a female Watson and Moriarty. I’m not too happy about anything else in the series.

I am a huge fan of the original stories and I love Sherlock. Even the BBC’s adaptation is spot on (and they brought Sherlock to the present day which I really love). But I really don’t like this show.

What are they doing with Sherlock? What is that fidgety and neurotic person doing, impersonating Sherlock Holmes? This guy is whiny, cranky, and border line annoying. This person is an addict because his girlfriend died… well boo hoo. The real Sherlock did not care for girlfriends. The real Sherlock is cold, calculated, logical, and rational. He always had information about recent crimes and up coming criminals. He knows things that even the cops don’t know. Makes connections that no one can. This Sherlock can’t seem to do any of that. He did not even know that a “brilliant evil mastermind” called Moriarty even exists. The real Sherlock figured out there was such a character and put into play, his plan to bring down Moriarty and his criminal empire.

This adaptation of Sherlock just makes me sad and pissed off. 

Joan Watson.. let’s talk about Joan Watson.. Why do you look so lost Joan? Was your entire family killed in front of you? Why are you dead inside?… What’s that?.. You’re happy??… well tell that to your face!

Most episodes I find myself wondering what’s going on in Watson’s mind. Is she happy? Is she sad? Was her face frozen in a horrible accident and will she ever be able to gain movement in her face again?.. we can only hope and pray. Apart from that, it’s nice to see Joan Watson grow more than John Watson did as a detective. I think it’s interesting. It’s one of the few positives of this series. 

Another nice little twist, and something I find very interesting, is that they made Irene Adler and Jamie Moriarty the same person. That was a clever and a ballsy move. Kudos!

Now… Sherlock and Irene… so romantic.. *sniff* *sniff*….

Will people please let go of the Sherlock-Irene romance fantasy?…. I mean come on! She is a brilliant woman and the only woman who could challenge Sherlock on an intellectual level and he respected her for that. He never tried to get into her pants! LET. IT. GO!

Phew!… Okay.. moving on..

The great bond between room-mates, partners, and comrades- Sherlock and Watson, let’s talk about that. The well know and loved Sherlock-Watson dynamic seems to be missing here. Here it seems like Sherlock and Watson are constantly at war trying to teach the other some or the other lesson, or arguing with each other about something trivial, or telling each other to stay out of their personal lives. The real Watson was in awe of Sherlock and happy to be his partner. Sure Watson does get pissed off with Sherlock’s arrogance once in a while; and yea.. sure Watson does develop his own deductive skills and does help Sherlock with a few insights, but in this show it seems that Watson’s sole reason for existing is to turn on the light bulb in Sherlock’s head and point him in the right direction, hence solving the crime

Furthermore, although Watson has his medical expertise, Sherlock never fully relied on them. Sherlock knew quite a lot about the human anatomy and all things biological, chemical, and physical. He spent decades studying various things and building his mental database. He would only ask Watson if he noticed anything unusual about the body from a medical stand point and ask him if he can deduce anything from what he can see. In many cases Sherlock was able to point out things that Watson’s medical eye missed.

All in all this show is interesting, but only in the way the normal crime drama these days are. They have dumbed Sherlock down and made him neurotic and ordinary. Any cop worth his salt should be able to do the things that this Sherlock can do.

I don’t know what they tried to do with Sherlock. Maybe they tried to make him more human. Why would they do that? By making Sherlock more human, they took away what was integral to the character of the great Sherlock Holmes. He doesn’t need to be human. We have Watson for that. Those two are the perfect team. Those who grew up reading his adventures loved him for who he was. His wit and intellect, and his bond with Watson was what we loved about the original stories.

Don’t change Sherlock. Just don’t